The old games are the best games!

Four in a row, battleships, dominoes, tiddlywinks, they’re all coming into play now my two ‘widgets’ have grown up a bit. And it’s got to be said, the old games are definitely the best ones!  I stumbled across a whole range of classics in the £1 shop of all places yesterday and it had memories of the 1980’s flooding back!!!! Long afternoons playing my brother at battleships, domino rallying with my Grandpa. Happy days indeed. I wasn’t quite sure if my two ( well one in particular !) were ready to embrace the rigours and complexities of ‘four in a row’ but what do I know it seems !!!?! They loved it and turned out to be quite sophisticated little tacticians! So there we have it, never underestimate the brainpower of 3 year olds and also what you might find in the £1 shop!!!!! Get down there and stock up I say !


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