Cut ‘n’ stick

We seem to have so may catalogues put through our door – Baker Ross, Fat Face, Joules, White company  (I’m giving away my secrets here , aren’t I !!!!) so rather than them ending up in the recycling bin straight away, I have come up with an ingenious slow plan, I let the kids loose on them first. They love pawing through all the glossy pages, cutting out any outfits they like or crafts they’d love to have a go at. Then they build a collage of all their interests and desires and I have a look through once they’re done. Keeps them busy for ages and also gives me an insight into what they might like for an upcoming birthday or Christmas. Great stuff, as long as there’s glue in the Pritt sticks and scissors in the drawer, my two will never grow tired of it!!!!

Slow cutting, slow sticking joy!!!


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