Glitter, glitter glue, glitter pens, glitter sand – I hate it, I hate the lot of it!!!!! ( this reminds me of one of my previous blogs entitled ‘ playdough’s a great slowie but I bl*#$dy hate it !’ Similar feelings, similar loathing !!! It seems though my kids love glitter just as much as play dough and will happily spend a slow mo or three sprinkling and twinkling with the stuff so I suppose I’m going to have to embrace it! I need to stop my automatic ‘no’ when they want to use it at 6.32 a.m. and start thinking about easy and exciting little ways of using the stuff !!! We have many an encrusted toilet roll to admire in this house but we need more inspiration, more glitter fun, so I’m putting this out to you dear slow followers. Any ideas bar the obvious Christmas tree one! Answers on a postcard to …….!!!!!!!

PS always insist on a tray when this stuff is let loose!!! Good luck !


2 thoughts on “Glitter

  1. I have just banned it from my house. We’ve tried the cookie sheet and we’ve even tried an outside only policy, but no matter what we do, glitter ends up inside. I think they will grow up to become normal, well-adjusted adults even without glitter.


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