Take them for a bag of chips

After a busy day, it was slow mummy’s idea to send slow daddy and the kids to the fish and chip shop to experience ‘all things takeaway’. Their first time in fact although not slow daddy’s! And how they loved their little trip !! The sights, sounds and of course smells of the fish and chip shop being more than enough to blow their little minds. Needless to say on their return I had a blow by blow account of their great experience! My eldest got to ask for the chips whilst my youngest had a go with the salt and vinegar shakers. Woah – major excitement !!! The bests bits seemingly carrying the warm parcel home and of course getting to eat them with those funny little chip forks. Happy days although when a large portion of chips became £2, I do not know !!! Time marches on, as do chip prices it seems  !!!!

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