Make a bug garden

You may be wondering what on earth you are looking at but this little labour of love is the latest bug home to add to our collection, home to two ladybirds, a worm and a snail. Although when I say ‘is’, I probably mean ‘was’ given that the inhabitants have probably wandered off, or slithered off by now given their easy escape route but they were in there to start with and they certainly seemed to be having a good time!!! The kids were so careful and thoughtful with their design. Bless em ! Kept them busy for hours !!! There was somewhere for their mini beasts to sleep, a log (twig !!) to play on, a little drinking cup, grass to eat. So cute. The only problem turned out to be our choice of ladybirds. Turns out we’d got ourselves a boy ladybird and a girl ladybird. The rest I’ll leave up to you to imagine   !!!  ‘Mummy’ LOOK ‘the ladybirds are giving each other piggybacks’!!!  Eek !!!!! Explain yourself out of that one slow mummy !!!!!!


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