Send them off for a ‘long wait’!!!!!

Is this incredibly mean of slow mummy?!!! Possibly !!!! You must have seen this in the films, when they send someone off to ask for a ‘long wait’ or a ‘long stand’. It’s basically a fool’s errand and I get away with it EVERY TIME !!!!!!!! ‘Oooo darling, daddy’s on his way home, go and look out for him at the window’, ‘I think the bin men are coming’,’Is that the post man ?’  Classic! I wonder how long I can keep it going !!!!



I had completely forgotten about this game until my friend’s children asked if my two would like a go (on their trampoline of all places !! ) Basically you split into two teams and throw, roll or bounce balls at each other to try and get the other team out. As soon as you make contact, that person’s out and it carries on from there really. You can have as many balls as you like and use whatever space you like and away you go !!!! ‘Release the balls ‘!!!!!!! I can see that this game’s going to run and run  !!!

Roll tyres

Is this dangerous ? I hope not !!! We got a job lot from our local garage to grow plants out of but they spend most of their time being rolled around and jumped in and out of at the allotment. Rolling is a particular favourite and actually quite difficult!! I remember going to a South African friend’s party when tyre rolling was the game of the day. Must be a staple at their kids’ parties. Needless to say the kids were in heaven. Unusual ‘slow’ simple fun !! ( (As long as you’ve got a tyre or two on hand, more difficult if not !!!!)

3- legged racing

This tickled my daughter and her best friend today. Their first go at a three-legged race. Tied together with an old jumper, the two of them tripped and giggled their way round the park as they got used to the feeling of being joined at the hip !!!! (well the ankle!!!) After a lot of ‘side’, ‘together’, ‘side’, ‘together’, trips, falls and much laughter, they finally got the hang of it! LOOK LOOK LOOK MUMMY !!!!!! Brilliant slow fun! Try it ! Might see if slow daddy wants a go !!!!

Make a pop up cafe !!!

My two are obsessed by the idea of a ‘pop up cafe’. Just the idea of a cafe’ poppiing up’ is hilarious in their mind’s eye and now there’s a huge banner advertising one at one of our favourite haunts, this has majorly fuelled their imaginations . So today without prompting, my two had a go at setting up one of their own. An hour later, the signs were up, all my best tablecloths (arghhhhhh!!!!!) were spread out across the landing and I was ushered up to the shiniest, newest pop up cafe in South Cambs! Tea, ice cream and gherkins were on the menu ( interesting !!!). What fun, both of them in aprons, completely in character, playing together beautifully. Living the dream !!!! Much prefer this to the bickering !! Happy half term everyone ! X


Slow daddy again. (Men’s brains really do work very differently to women’s!!! ) This time a hurdles challenge cobbled together with a couple of cones and garden canes. Genius SD. The kids devoured it ! Leaping and trotting around the course like little ponies !! Love bank holidays !!! Love SD !!!!

Draw on the back guessing game

This was all slow daddy’s doing and a game I would never have thought of. It all came about because we had a very early riser in with us this morning and to keep her quiet and relatively still, SD started playing a game of drawing shapes on her back and getting her to guess what they were. Anything from shapes, to numbers, cars to princesses !! How ingenious ! It would  make quite a good party game actually. Well done SD, you’ve bagged yourself another great ‘ ”slowie’!!!!!!!!