Hatch a secret plan

We’ve already wrapped and stashed daddy’s birthday presents to surprise him with on Saturday morning and today saw the next stage in top secret birthday preparations. We made his cake!!! And it turns out top secret cake baking is very exciting. We were all listening for the door as we mixed and licked our way through chocolate cake construction tonight. The excitement and danger element was wonderful. We so didn’t want daddy to catch us in the act!!! We whispered and planned and conspired. Hatching secret plans is so much fun to do with the little ones. You can also talk about good secrets and bad secrets. My two are having a whale of a time and have become so involved in it all. They’ve worked out exactly when daddy is going to get his presents, how we’re going to do his birthday tea (balloons a plenty ) and what we’re going to eat. I love it, especially when they get so wrapped up in the fun of it all and the added secrecy element gets their adrenaline racing.  We hope daddy likes his surprises. He’s 21 again!!!!!


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