Turn the routine on its head

“Bath before dinner”, I hear them cry, how exciting! Just turning the simplest little things on their head will bring oodles of joy. Take today for example, rather than marching home straight after school like every other day of the week, I suggested we go and get an ice cream from the shop and eat it in the park. The response was whoops of glee. The norm being briskly swept to one side to make way for a spontaneous family treat. Hurrah !! The hardest decision being of course what to have ? Cornetto, twister, malteser lolly, calipo or mini milk !!! Oh my goodness, the choice was almost too much!!!! In the end, my son plumped for the twister which he handled with great skill I must say and my daughter tried the malteser one. Yum yum!!!! Note to self , I must try the new Raspberry Magnum that’s gone on sale next time. What’s not to like about that!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm 🙂


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