Make a piñata

Or as I call it, ‘get absolutely covered in floury gloop whilst wrestling with a balloon’ ! Fun though and you don’t need to go on a special shopping trip to source the essentials ! All you need are some balloons, a newspaper, scissors, flour, water and some string. You blow up the balloon, knot it and tie string around the end. (Then comes the messy bit ! ) Mix one part flour to two parts water to make the paste and then get the kids to smear it all over the balloon and stick pieces of newspaper on top. It’s a good idea to dip the pieces of newspaper in cold water first but not essential. You cover the balloon with four or five layers of paste and newspaper and once it’s completely dried out after a couple of days, you’re ready to decorate and fill it with sweets and goodies if you so desire. The world is your piñata shaped oyster! Design ideas might include funny faces, birds, a teddy, a minion even. You go for it , and don’t forget to enjoy the slime! My two love the feel of the paper and paste. Happy crafting everyone 🙂


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