Golf ball art

Another day, another great craft idea that I’ve got to admit comes from a fellow blogger ( . Its called Golf Ball Painting and I’ve decided that I’m going to let slow daddy take the lead on this one seeing as he’s the golf nut in the family. It looks and sounds amazing. You need a disposable roasting pan, some A4 paper, a muffin tin, different coloured paints, some golf balls, a bucket of water and some cloths or old rags for washing the balls afterwards. The instructions for slow daddies are as follows, squeeze a few dollops of paint into each muffin cup and top each one with a golf ball, put a sheet of paper in the bottom of the roasting pan and put the balls on top! Then, let your child tilt the pan from side to side and back and forth to create colourful paint tracks all over the paper. It makes quite a piece of art work I’m assured!  One for the weekend hey SD or are you going to be precious about your golf balls?!!


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