Get them to hold something

I don’t know about you but if my two are holding something they get into much less mischief when we’re out and about!! This isn’t a ‘slowie’ as such, more an observation !!!! Although it’s not that dissimilar to my blog ‘get them to hold the basket in the supermarket’. Same sort of thing, as long as they’re being useful and they’re involved then they’re happy so getting them to hold something  is perfect. Take the other day, a huge queue in the post office. I could feel myself starting to sweat. How was I going to occupy my two, possibly the worst queuers known to man!!  But it all worked out a treat. I got both children to hold a parcel each and stand in line. Then when we finally got to the till I asked my daughter to hold my purse and my son to put the card in and take the card out of the card reader. Everyone was happy, everyone had a job and everyone had something to hold. It works. It really does!!


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