Born of the need to slow down my parenting, I have decided to start a blog! I’m calling myself ‘slow mum in Cambridge’ because I aspire to be just that, a ‘slow mum’. You might have heard of the ‘slow movement’- slow food, slow living, slow business, well apparently there is a ‘slow parenting movement’ and you know what,  I want a piece of it! I have 2 small children who are 6 and 4 and I find, to this point in time, I have done nothing but chase my tail in the whole parenting department. I am always dashing from here, to there to everywhere, without stopping for a moment to enjoy or contemplate the whole parenting experience. I need to SLOW DOWN and do activities that don’t involve mass road trips, other people’s children or vast amounts of cash. I want to enjoy my children, our time together and the fun that we have. From now on in, please find snippets of information about our time together as a family and the fun we have by slowing things down and doing things I suppose in a more old fashioned way. I hope you enjoy my blog. Wish me luck!!!P.S. There are a couple of expressions you might come across as you read through the blogs. Here are a few definitions. A ‘slowie’ is a  slow mum idea, a ‘LHL’ is a long hard look, basically stop a while, it’s amazing what you see and the ‘one eyed baby sitter’ that I keep referring to is the TV!!!! Beware of it!!! It’s evil and will swallow your family whole!!HAPPY READING!!


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