Make a bed up in the lounge

My two love ‘playing beds’ and I’m all for it especially when I get to lie down with a pillow and get tucked in from all sides!!! More than anything my kids just love it when I’m part of their plan so if you can spare 5 minutes to be with your little ones, suggest playing this one !!! It’s extra nice as you get lots of snuggles and I find my two will really talk to me when I lie down and just hang with them. Slow fun and nice and relaxing too !!! Great stuff Xxxx


Play with scarves

I remember my mum getting her drawer of scarves out when I was a little girl. I used to love looking through them, trying them on and feeling them against my skin. A generation later and nothing changes!! My daughter is dotty about scarves. She loves nothing more than wrapping herself up in mine especially the bigger ones that she’ll make into dresses. She almost looks like she’s got a toga on or sari, bless her. She’ll then dance around the room like a little butterfly until she decides it’s time for a change and out will come another one of my collection. How life is so innocent and carefree at the age of six. Long may it continue!

Don’t try this at home !!!!

The latest craze at our house is inspired by a certain Saturday night talent show where the two presenters look straight into the camera and say ‘don’t try this at home’!!! Usually it’s because the next act is going to be ridiculously crazy, nearly always dangerous and more often than not incredibly stupid !!!So in true daredevil fashion my two have been inspired and have been coming up with their own ‘don’ts !!!! We’ve had the roller skating tennis playing boy, roller skating Robin Hood , the roller skating footballer, rollerskating with a bean bag on the head and each time bless em, they crack me up DONT TRY THIS AT HOME MUMMY !!! Honestly whatever next ! A great slowie !!!!!!

Make a game out of clearing the table

Enter ‘slow grampa’ (stage right!!!) making his debut today with this cunning little plan to get the dishes cleared from the dining room and back into the kitchen!!! Yes you guessed it, by enlisting the help of two highly exciteable, extremely helpful small people who were more than happy to take items through to the kitchen in exchange for a bit of praise and the opportunity to race back to the dining room at top speed !!! First a plate, then a fork, then a cup,( could it be more exciting !!!) but because Grampa was cheering them on and showering them with gratitude the job was done in no time at all. The game of course wasn’t really anything to do with getting to carry the dish through, it was all about the race back and getting the edge on one’s brother or sister !!! !! I should really rename this ‘competitive slow table clearing ‘ !!! Nice one Grampa. Fast and slow fun!!!!

Empty a room out

This might sound a bit of an odd one but it had my two completely wrapped up this evening. It’s my daughter’s 6th birthday tomorrow ( I can’t believe it!!) and she’s having five of her little friends round for a craft party after school, so in readiness for the big event we emptied the conservatory out (the toy room) and we had such a lot of fun doing it. My two were practically falling all over each other to help out, running from room to room as they transferred boxes of cars, lego, barbies and trains. It was like they were rediscovering all their toys again for the first time and the joy of actually being allowed to DIT ‘do it themselves’ was plain to see. The best bit of course was getting to run around in the completely empty room at the end. What fabulous ‘slow’ fun they had. Can’t wait for the party now!!! Happy days!

Target practice

I set my two up with a bit of target practice today when they needed something to focus on and it went down a treat. What  a great indoor ‘slowie’ on a cold day it has to be said ! One target, several soft balls and then various angles, heights and distances to practise from  . I used one of our flexi tubs as the target but anything would do , the washing basket, a pan, bucket. The kids loved the challenge of it and celebrated a goal by taking a step further back or to the side. A ‘slow mo’ turned into a ‘happy half hour’. Happy days !

From boredom comes genius !

We didn’t do a thing today (well I did but you know what I mean !) No plans, no play dates , just a day at the house to chill out and rest. My son was a little fidgety to start with but once he realised we weren’t going anywhere he soon settled down to amusing himself and playing in various rooms and surprisingly with relatively few toys. It made me realise that children really don’t need a whole conservatory full of toys to pass their time. In fact from very little comes A LOT!!  Wild invention in fact. My son had a couple of real strokes of genius today, at one point playing a type of golf with a play sword and one of his sister’s fake jewels ( very inventive! ) and then later playing with a roll from the middle of some wrapping paper and pretending it was a door and opening and closing it as mummy passed through. This to the backdrop of uncontrollable  giggling and amusement. What fun. I loved today. From boredom comes the best of times.