Golf ball art

Another day, another great craft idea that I’ve got to admit comes from a fellow blogger ( . Its called Golf Ball Painting and I’ve decided that I’m going to let slow daddy take the lead on this one seeing as he’s the golf nut in the family. It looks and sounds amazing. You need a disposable roasting pan, some A4 paper, a muffin tin, different coloured paints, some golf balls, a bucket of water and some cloths or old rags for washing the balls afterwards. The instructions for slow daddies are as follows, squeeze a few dollops of paint into each muffin cup and top each one with a golf ball, put a sheet of paper in the bottom of the roasting pan and put the balls on top! Then, let your child tilt the pan from side to side and back and forth to create colourful paint tracks all over the paper. It makes quite a piece of art work I’m assured!  One for the weekend hey SD or are you going to be precious about your golf balls?!!


Make a piñata

Or as I call it, ‘get absolutely covered in floury gloop whilst wrestling with a balloon’ ! Fun though and you don’t need to go on a special shopping trip to source the essentials ! All you need are some balloons, a newspaper, scissors, flour, water and some string. You blow up the balloon, knot it and tie string around the end. (Then comes the messy bit ! ) Mix one part flour to two parts water to make the paste and then get the kids to smear it all over the balloon and stick pieces of newspaper on top. It’s a good idea to dip the pieces of newspaper in cold water first but not essential. You cover the balloon with four or five layers of paste and newspaper and once it’s completely dried out after a couple of days, you’re ready to decorate and fill it with sweets and goodies if you so desire. The world is your piñata shaped oyster! Design ideas might include funny faces, birds, a teddy, a minion even. You go for it , and don’t forget to enjoy the slime! My two love the feel of the paper and paste. Happy crafting everyone 🙂

Fly a mini kite

It’s been super windy here today, in fact probably too windy for any full size kite flying, but we didn’t let that deter us, we made mini indoor kites instead. They’re so easy and so fun to make and you’ll get hours of slow fun from them. Here’s a good template I found, but tissue paper and bbq skewers work just as well. Happy flying everyone  ! Ps The real deal is definitely one for your slowie list too. The look on my children’s faces when the wind catches their kites is priceless. A childhood ‘must do’ I’d say x


Glitter, glitter glue, glitter pens, glitter sand – I hate it, I hate the lot of it!!!!! ( this reminds me of one of my previous blogs entitled ‘ playdough’s a great slowie but I bl*#$dy hate it !’ Similar feelings, similar loathing !!! It seems though my kids love glitter just as much as play dough and will happily spend a slow mo or three sprinkling and twinkling with the stuff so I suppose I’m going to have to embrace it! I need to stop my automatic ‘no’ when they want to use it at 6.32 a.m. and start thinking about easy and exciting little ways of using the stuff !!! We have many an encrusted toilet roll to admire in this house but we need more inspiration, more glitter fun, so I’m putting this out to you dear slow followers. Any ideas bar the obvious Christmas tree one! Answers on a postcard to …….!!!!!!!

PS always insist on a tray when this stuff is let loose!!! Good luck !

Cut ‘n’ stick

We seem to have so may catalogues put through our door – Baker Ross, Fat Face, Joules, White company  (I’m giving away my secrets here , aren’t I !!!!) so rather than them ending up in the recycling bin straight away, I have come up with an ingenious slow plan, I let the kids loose on them first. They love pawing through all the glossy pages, cutting out any outfits they like or crafts they’d love to have a go at. Then they build a collage of all their interests and desires and I have a look through once they’re done. Keeps them busy for ages and also gives me an insight into what they might like for an upcoming birthday or Christmas. Great stuff, as long as there’s glue in the Pritt sticks and scissors in the drawer, my two will never grow tired of it!!!!

Slow cutting, slow sticking joy!!!

Use glitter just keep it in the kitchen !

There’s glitter in my bed ! Arghhhh! How foolish of slow mummy to allow the glitter out of the kitchen unchecked!! Boy can it travel. One minute the lounge, the next my bed, all care of little brother’s little sock who walked in it all and then went for a good old trampoline ‘sesh’ on my bed. Feels like sandpaper in there now. Thanks kids! I am not amused but hey the ‘glittering’ went down a treat. As ‘slowies’ go, glitter is right up there. Paper CHECK, glue CHECK, glitter CHECK and shake CHECK ! Easy ! Just take my advice, keep it in the kitchen and if you can, on a tray! That’s all. Yours ‘sleeping in an exfoliating bed of delights tonight’ , SM xxxxxx

Paper case flower craft

Another day and another sweet craft to add to the slow mum collection. I’d actually made these up for a Church group several years ago and had completely forgotten that I had all the templates at the back of the cupboard. It’s lovely and so very simple.  Basically you cut a flower shape out of coloured paper and then select a pretty paper case that you would usually use for baking and stick this into the centre of the flower. It makes a wonderful 3D flower which the kids can then add a stem and leaves to and various ‘beasties’ if they so desire. All you need are some baking cases, coloured card or paper, scissors and some glue and off you go. Alas I haven’t taken a picture of our efforts today but will endeavour to add one tomorrow to show you exactly what we’ve been up to. It’s perfect as a Spring or Easter craft so keep it up your sleeve if you ever need xxxx Have fun x Picture now attached xxxx