Go out for a surprise lunch

This is just another extension of turning the routine on it’s head (one of last week’s posts !!!), surprising your little hungry bunnies with an exciting lunchtime venue. My two love a special lunch date, popping to the bakery to choose a sticky bun or a sneaky trip to McDs or best still a surprise picnic in the park.’ Variety is definitely the spice of life’ , especially when you’re 3 !!!! Xxxx Bon appetite !!!


Slow holidays

That’s it, we’re buying a caravan !!!!!! After spending the day with our good friends in theirs, I’m completely hooked. The whole experience was simply ‘made to be slow’, my two playing for hours in the bunks at the back of the 6 berth whilst the adults drank tea and put the world to rights at the front !! Caravanning has so much to offer by way of ‘slow’, away from screens, outdoors, talking together, eating together, bonding together. I’m all for it. I just need to convince my husband now !! Slow holidays here we come !!

Visit daddy at work

This was a great ‘slowie’ on so many levels. First we got to park in an enormous multi storey car park (a truly fascinating place for a 3 year old although slow mummy didn’t really stop for a ‘long hard look’ today given her dislike of heights and the fact that we had to park on the 6th floor!) Then we got to go down at least ten flights of stairs, then we had the delights of the revolving door at the entrance to the hospital, then we went in the lift and then we visited the hospital toilets with the fascinatingly noisy hand dryers ( don’t ask!!!!!)  By the time we found daddy we’d almost ‘maxed out’ on excitement. We even got to meet some of daddy’s friends today too. We couldn’t have asked for more from our visit. Slow fun visiting slow daddy  :-)))))))))

Get down the building site

It’s one thing getting to play with toy diggers and dumper trucks but it’s another getting to see the ‘real deal’ in action. And if you’ve got a 3 year old boy like I do, then you definitely need to get yourself down to your local building site. There’s just so much to ogle at. My 3 year old is more than keen to just hang out by the railings next to the school where there’s a new development going in and seeing the real McCoy going at it. Today the digger was making a long trench from the drive down to the new houses and that was enough to keep my boy completely agog for 20 minutes!!! Blown away he was by the monster trucks doing their business. So if you’re looking for another LHL ( long hard look, an expression that came about several blogs ago! ) , the building site is where it’s at! Have fun !

Head to the market

Our little ones should definitely be exposed to everything a traditional market has to offer every now and again. The sights and sounds and smells of a market are so incredible for our minis to experience. Like the cries from the fruit and veg stall holder, the sight of the fish displayed on ice, the strings of sausages, the smell of the fresh flowers . There’s something quite magical about the whole market set up, for adults too. I love the hustle and bustle of it all and to see and hear all the transactions and human interaction going on. I explain to my two that this was how everyone used to shop. We’re observing history in a way. Take your kids, while you still can! Enjoy x

Take ’em’ for a pick and mix !

I never said we were perfect!!!! Of course, we have sweeties and watch TV and play on iPads here. We just do the ‘slow stuff’ too. This particular ‘slowie’ ticks all boxes. Naughty, nice and slow too ! And a perfect ‘slowie’ when you’re 3 years old! Just scooping and choosing and deliberating can take a good half an hour. And the best bits, definitely the scooping, definitely getting to hold the bag and definitely taking it to get weighed. Oh and the jazzies, white mice, dolly mixtures, pink shrimps and cola bottles! Awesome. I used to love the pick & mix stand at my local Woolworths as a kid. The old ones are still the best ones!

Head off in search of Spring

Kate Humble would be proud of us today heading out on our very own ‘Spring watch’. We were in search of that ever so delightful Spring show-stopper, the snowdrop, and we weren’t to be disappointed. It took us a while but after a good old trek around our local National Trust woods we found the smallest and very dearest little patch of snowdrops pushing through. The kids had to be restrained to avoid standing on the wee things but after a little guidance they stood for a while and admired these little magical beings. ‘They’re like little drops of snow mummy’, ‘ they’ve got very droopy heads mummy’, ‘aren’t they sweet mummy’. I wholeheartedly agree!! What a perfect excuse to get out of the house!!! A snowdrop hunt. What joy!