Keepie uppies

A brilliant game! Only just ‘doable’ at 4 years old mind but slow mummy’s taken to it like a duck to water!! Let’s call it a ‘smowie’, a slow mum slowie !!!! For those of you who haven’t got a clue what I’m going on about, ‘slowies’ are my slow mum ideas for fun things to do with the kids and”keepie uppies” or “kick-ups” is the skill of keeping the ball up in the air using your feet, legs, knees, chest, shoulders, head etc, without allowing the ball to hit the ground. It’s great fun and leads to fits of giggles as you ooh and aah and laugh and tumble whilst trying to keep the ball up. Super slow fun. Try it. Any type of ball will suffice !!!


Hold a traditional sports day

The egg and spoon race, sack race, 3-legged race, bean bag race. All traditional sports day favourites which are, believe it or not, incredibly easy to set up in the back garden without having all the gear.  You can use SD’s (slow daddy’s) ties for the 3 legged race, kitchen spoons and tennis balls for the egg and spoon, old pillowcases for the sack race and various cushions on heads for the bean bag one. Amazing fun. Nothing like a spot of old-fashioned, ‘slow-fashioned’ fun on a hot summer’s afternoon !! Xxxxxx


I had completely forgotten about this game until my friend’s children asked if my two would like a go (on their trampoline of all places !! ) Basically you split into two teams and throw, roll or bounce balls at each other to try and get the other team out. As soon as you make contact, that person’s out and it carries on from there really. You can have as many balls as you like and use whatever space you like and away you go !!!! ‘Release the balls ‘!!!!!!! I can see that this game’s going to run and run  !!!

Teach them cat’s cradle

It was my daughter who actually asked if she could do this this afternoon.  I think she must have seen some of the older girls at school doing it, as she was ‘chomping at the bit’ to have a go with mummy.  What followed was another fabulous walk down memory lane. I can remember my mum so very clearly showing me how to do it and letting me put my hands inside hers as we learned the steps, up and over, around and through. E’s got the first few moves worked out but the tramline one is still causing her a few headaches but it’s nothing a bit of practice won’t sort out. Cat’s cradle’s a must= slow fun for sure. Enjoy  x

The old games are the best games!

Four in a row, battleships, dominoes, tiddlywinks, they’re all coming into play now my two ‘widgets’ have grown up a bit. And it’s got to be said, the old games are definitely the best ones!  I stumbled across a whole range of classics in the £1 shop of all places yesterday and it had memories of the 1980’s flooding back!!!! Long afternoons playing my brother at battleships, domino rallying with my Grandpa. Happy days indeed. I wasn’t quite sure if my two ( well one in particular !) were ready to embrace the rigours and complexities of ‘four in a row’ but what do I know it seems !!!?! They loved it and turned out to be quite sophisticated little tacticians! So there we have it, never underestimate the brainpower of 3 year olds and also what you might find in the £1 shop!!!!! Get down there and stock up I say !

Play pooh sticks

Is it poo sticks or pooh sticks ? I’m not sure at this hour!! All I know is that this sweet little game will keep you and yours busy for quite some time on a balmy spring afternoon. A river with a bridge and a few twigs is all you need. Hear them whoop and cheer as they drop their sticks from one side of the bridge and then race to the other side to see if they reappear. Slow, delightful, simple, wonderful fun xxx

Easter egg hunting

It’s all about the hunt in this house and why shouldn’t it be !!!! Easter Day and a packet of little plastic eggs I bought from the pound shop must have been hidden around our garden at least a dozen times this morning ! My two seemed to forget there were chocolates inside, they just wanted to have the eggs hidden again and again and again !!!! Where would slow daddy hide them next. He had them in trees, birdfeeders and even put some in my hoodie at one point ( what is he like) !!! The ‘hotter’ and ‘colder’ game came into play quite a bit ( another great slowie ) and the fun rolled on. Easter bonnets and a bike ride to boot. It’s official, Easter’s ‘egg-stremely’ good for all things ‘slow’!