Play piggy in the middle

This quite literally leads to ‘squeals of delight’ ( did you see what I did there ?!?!?!?!? Slow mum does have strokes of genius you must admit!). Back to the game, it’s priceless. You can have one piggy, two piggies, small piggies, big piggies, daddy piggies, mummy piggies, girl piggies, boy piggies, team piggies. You can kick, roll, throw, rugby ‘style’ and free ‘stylee’ ! Football, basket, tennis or sponge. The choice is yours. Have fun xxxxxxxx


Invent a new game

We love games, dominoes, top trumps, snap, catch, conkers, hide and seek, Simon says, tiddly winks and skipping to name but a few, but every once in a while we like to invent a new game, our own game that comes about completely by accident . Today was one of those days. There were a couple of loose marbles in the conservatory and my son and I started rolling them to each other. This then turned into trying to catch the marbles in a little cup on its side which then turned into trapping the marbles under the cups as we fired them at each other at top speed. It was  great fun and quite a lot of skill was required too! A winner. I’m off to call the patent office. You’ve heard of marble drop well I think we’ll be calling this one marble stop!!!!!

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

One of the mums at drop off was playing this classic game with her little girl this morning and I couldn’t help but smile. Definitely ‘slow mum material’ I thought to myself so I made a mental note to write about it this evening. It’s a wonderful little game, amazingly exciting to play, so simple to set up and a delight to teach. It’s nothing short of genius!! If you haven’t got a clue what I’m going on about, here’s the lowdown. ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’, ‘Grandma’s footsteps’, ‘123 Piano’ and ‘What time is it Mr Fox’, is a form of tag. One player is chosen to be Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf stands at one end of the playground or hall and everyone else at the other end. Mr Wolf turns his back on the crowd who then shout in unison “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?”, and Mr Wolf will answer with a clock time  (e.g., “3 o’clock”). The other players will then take that many steps forward, counting as they go (“One, two, three”). Then they ask the question again. Finally Mr Wolf will shout out “Dinner Time!” and Mr Wolf will turn and chase the other players back to their starting point. If Mr Wolf successfully tags a player, that player becomes the new Mr Wolf for the next round. Awesome. Get ready for the screams (of delight!!!!).

Play tiddlywinks

I’ve been boring my friends silly for months with all my ramblings on about slow mumming and slow living yet it seems my rambling is not falling on deaf ears. There are slow mums popping up left, right and centre here in South Cambs !  It’s actually got to a point now where my pals will regularly tell me about their slow mum antics, saying things like ‘I was thinking about you this morning  as we were doing wheelbarrow races round the house’ or will text (like today) to say ‘I’m slow mumming , playing tiddlywinks at the mo’. I’m honoured that my mummy friends are  getting into my slow mum ways and today I was hugely inspired too. Thanks mate, tiddlywinks has officially made it into my ‘Games’ section . We had to improvise a bit as we don’t have a set round here but it seems my two are quite happy having a go at flipping play money into a pot. I know what I’m putting on slow mum’s Christmas list next year! You guessed it !!!! Happy flipping !

Marvelous marbles

My wee boy and his pal were having a wonderful time this morning playing with some marbles, rolling them around and chasing them along our laminated floor but it suddenly dawned on me, I had absolutely no idea how to actually play the game named after these little beauties and wow, what an awesome ‘slowie’ it would be to teach the kids.  So that was it, I was off in search of some more info and here’s what I found out. There are several versions of marbles that have been played by children and adults since as long ago as 4000 BC in Ancient Egypt. One version you can play is known as the ‘ringer version’. Basically you make a circle on the ground about a meter wide out of chalk or string. You scatter an odd number of marbles inside the circle, 13 for example. Then the players take it in turn to flick their big ‘shooter’ marbles into the circle from behind the shooting line. The aim is to hit the little marbles out of the circle while keeping the shooter in. If the player successfully knocks out another marble they go again and they get to take the marble they knocked out and either keep it or receive a point. The player who knocks out the most marbles, wins. Another version is ‘bulls eye marbles’ where you draw four circles on the ground like a target. Players stand behind a shooting line about a metre away and flick their marbles in. The winner being the one closest to the center or with the highest points from 3 throws if each circle is given a value. I think this is the one I’ll start the boys off with as they are well used to targets from our bean bag games. So there you have it,  a new game to pass down to my little ones. They might be a little young at the moment but one day I’ll be looking out of my kitchen window onto the patio and my two will be ‘slow’ playing away!!

A game of chase

This is a delightful little game to play with your children and so simple too. It’s just the epitome of ‘slow mum’ for me. A simple and wonderful game that needs neither props nor explanation. You can play it anywhere and at any time and the pleasure is immeasurable. You might be ‘up to your eyeballs’ in house work or busy talking to a friend but a quick turn and a tickle and a chase into the next room and your children will love you for it. In a couple of years time they won’t want you to chase them round the kitchen anymore. They won’t giggle their heads off as you pretend to be looking the other way as they dart under your legs. This is a golden time and this is a golden game and we must enjoy every moment. Have fun x

Leap frog

Ah a delightful little game played at this time of the year on mummy’s bed and at any other time of the year in gardens, fields parks and any other outdoor space that will have us!! Our indoor leap frog basically consists of me lying on the bed with my knees up. My 3 year old then makes a short dash across the bed and swings himself over the top of my knees giggling and whooping the whole way through. It kind of doubles as ‘mummy bundling’ at this stage but the essence of the idea is definitely there! I can remember very vividly showing the kids how to master the ‘real deal’, the outdoor version this Summer just gone. We were out with a friend of mine and we got talking about games we used to play and then suddenly in the spur of the moment we decided to demonstrate how to do it to our kids. It was hilarious although we were obviously very much out of practice!!! I bent down and tucked my head in. My friend took a run up but as she went to jump she careered into the side of me knocking me to the floor. It was hilarious. The kids were laughing their heads off too. Both mummies were a little red faced,  lying in a heap crying with laughter at their attempt at recreating one of their childhood pastimes . It’s making me smile as I type. Happy days xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx