Grow your own beanstalk

Everyone loves the story of Jack and the beanstalk so how exciting to have a go at growing your own. All you need is a jam jar, some kitchen roll and a bean, a magic bean!!!! Place it inside the jar so it presses against the side and the kitchen roll and then sprinkle a spoonful of water over the jar every day. Then you can sit back and watch with glee as your little magic beanstalk begins to grow. Have fun!!! We’ve done this many a time :-))))


Have a ‘who can grow the tallest’ sunflower competition

This is another green fingered favourite of ours which has become a bit of an annual ritual to be honest. Firstly a family trip out to the garden centre to select seeds ( mammoth and skyscraper are always good ) followed by a group planting sesh at the allotment to get the magic little seeds bedded in. It is amazing to think that one tiny little centimetre long seed will end up turning into a 6ft giant. Mind blowing in fact and it’s all to play for again this year! Who’s seed will push through first ? Whose plant will flower first? But the big question on everyone’s lips again this year is whose flower will be the tallest. It’s all about the size!! Eyes on the sky everyone!! Results later in the year !!!

Plant potatoes

Apparently Easter weekend is the traditional time to ‘plant your pots’ so that’s exactly what we did. 6 fine little rows of Desiree news have gone in at the allotment this weekend and the kids were more than happy to be on hand to help them get bedded in.  They did everything from helping to dig the trench to placing the potatoes in, recovering them and finally watering them in. What fun we had and you know what they say ‘You can’t beat a good spud’ so we’ll be busy popping up to the allotment over the next few weeks to water them in and watch out for signs of the first shoots poking through. If we’re patient and if we’re in luck we’ll be rewarded with some red skinned ‘ beauts’ in the summer. This crop’s particularly good for mashing. Can’t wait !

Tend to the plants

There’s nothing like the promise of a bit of green fingered fun to get my two outside! My two love getting their hands dirty so I try to think up a little task they can do each time we’re out. Today’s job was to tend to the strawberry plants. We were actually digging up the raised border at the allotment, changing the soil over and replanting the healthier strawberry plants so the children had lots to do. They loved their role. Carefully holding the plants on the palms of their hands, choosing the healthiest ones and successfully helping to replant them. The best bit of course was getting to fill the big watering can from the allotment tap. Happy, slow, outdoor fun. Doesn’t get much better on mothering Sunday ! My fave place to be x

Cut the grass together

Why is cutting the lawn so ridiculously exciting for little ones? Is it the ever decreasing circles or the ups and downs that daddies and grandaddies decide to make ?( sorry being a bit sexist there, slow mummy and slow nana have been known to cut the lawn here !!!) Is it the hum of the lawnmower? The smell of the grass? Seeing the cuttings tumbling out ? Or the beautiful stripes that appear? Whatever it is, our little munchkins love it which is why we need to get them involved. Let them have a go at pushing between your arms or get them to follow in your footsteps as you stride up and down or if you fancy a sneaky purchase at a supermarket or car boot, a toy lawnmower makes for wonderful role play toy! They can cut alongside 🙂 However you decide to get them involved, this is a wonderful garden ‘slowie’ to enjoy x Have fun x

A spot of weeding

You guessed it, another ‘slow daddy’ special (I’ll be renaming this blog before very long!) It turns out our 3 year old is quite the dab hand at it too. Little Mr Green fingers (who’s now fast asleep ) was ‘all over it’ today and was simply overjoyed to be working the soil and working alongside his daddy. Bless him. My theory on the whole weeding thing is that it’s just an extension of fiddling really. Kids love a fiddle so to have free rein to pull and pick away at things must be very exciting. No ‘nos’ required just ‘well done’, ‘brilliant’  and ‘keep going’. And of course getting dirty is right up a 3 year old’s street too, so ticks on every page for you daddy!  You should write a book with all these great slowies!  Night night xx

Dig holes

Yup, this is another ‘slow daddy’ one this one. It should actually read ‘dig holes when it’s going dark’ but that sounds a little crazy and slightly suspicious (!!), so I’ll keep it as ‘dig holes’ or maybe just ‘dig’ as you know what, that’s exactly what kids love to do!! Mud, sand, pebbles! On this occasion it was plants. The kids helped daddy dig holes for the plants he was splitting and replanting. They loved it! Well done slow daddy, ‘on the money’ again!!! Ready, steady, DIG!!