A good quote

Picked up a wonderful quote tonight from my son’s first parents evening ( he starts in September – sob, sob !)


I think that’s what I’ve been trying to achieve with my slow(er) parenting this last year. Learning through play. Good, old-fashioned, simple play ūüôā


Opt out every now and again

We did too much today. We’ve done too much all week to be honest. Slow mum has got the balance completely wrong and my children are consequently ‘overcooked’, overwrought and over tired. This evening bubbling over into tears and tantrums. School, nursery, clubs, play dates and birthday¬†parties. It’s just been too much and we need to put the breaks on. I need to be confident enough to opt out every once and a while. We can’t do everything and have family time and slow time too. Children need head space and we need head space and we need to make sure as parents that we protect this time. I’ll be starting afresh tomorrow, rebooting and ¬†‘going with the slow’ again and I’m really looking forward to it!

Get them to hold something

I don’t know about you but if my two are holding something they get into much less mischief when we’re out and about!! This isn’t a ‘slowie’ as such, more an observation !!!! Although it’s not that dissimilar to my blog ‘get them to hold the basket in the supermarket’. Same sort of thing, as long as they’re being useful and they’re involved then they’re happy so getting them to hold something ¬†is perfect. Take the other day, a huge queue in the post office. I could feel myself starting to sweat. How was I going to occupy my two, possibly the worst queuers known to man!! ¬†But it all worked out a treat. I got both children to hold a parcel each and stand in line. Then when we finally got to the till I asked my daughter to hold my purse and my son to put the card in and take the card out of the card reader. Everyone was happy, everyone had a job and everyone had something to hold. It works. It really does!!

Send them off for a ‘long wait’!!!!!

Is this incredibly mean of slow mummy?!!! Possibly !!!! You must have seen this in the films, when they send someone off to ask for a ‘long wait’ or a ‘long stand’. It’s basically a fool’s errand and I get away with it EVERY TIME !!!!!!!! ‘Oooo darling, daddy’s on his way home, go and look out for him at the window’, ‘I think the bin men are coming’,’Is that the post man ?’ ¬†Classic! I wonder how long I can keep it going !!!!

Leave the grandparents in charge

I love the ‘slow’ that nana and grandpa bring to the table. We can learn a lot from our parents’ parenting and our children can too!!! Our parents didn’t have all the gadgets and gizmos and soft plays and activities that we have. They were the original slow parents and leaving them in charge now and again is great for both parties. New rules and new expectations but at the same time new approaches and new types of fun are definitely there for the taking !!! Happy days x

Invite people to stay

The one-eyed baby sitter definitely doesn’t get a look in ( look in, get it !!!!, one-eyed baby sitter, look in !!!!) when there’s people sleeping in the guest room ! From the first bundle of the morning to choosing a shiny new bed time story reader in the evening, having guests to stay is just so much fun. We welcomed wonderful slow uncle, auntie and cousin this weekend and the slow living was evident from the off. Oodles of discussion, activity and play. Simply eating dinner with your favourite cousin is just the bees knees. Here’s looking forward to many more sleepovers, picnics, ice creams, walks and talks to come . Love em!

Slow down, sit down !!

I admit it, I have ‘fidget bum’! I’ve always had ‘fidget bum’!! I rarely sit down and if I do I’ll sit for a moment or two and then seconds later I’ll jump up again!¬†I never stop really but I should. I’m missing so many slow moments you see, by not being with my kids in the same room and at the same time. I just had to sit down today after three nights of poorly peeps and it was only when I stopped for a while that I suddenly realised what I had been missing !! The lightness of being !!! We grabbed a few books, talked together, played and simply were together¬†. We all revelled in it ! My advice therefore on polling eve for any slow parents out there in need is ‘slow down , sit down ‘- it’s a campaign winner to be sure !!! Good luck one and all! I’m in team yellow !!