Turn on the tennis

Now I know TV doesn’t feature highly on the slow parenting list of suitable activities but I do think there’s a time and a place for it and surely Wimbledon fortnight is one of those times!!! My kids love watching the tennis and before long they have the foam balls out and are using their hand as rackets or as the case may be, using their rackets as rackets  (eek , watch the lampshade !!) . Yup, tennis is a great slowie and there’s nothing like the real thing to get them inspired. “Come on Andy !!”


Have a go at hand shadow puppets

I can only stretch to a bird and a rather dodgy rabbit but my two don’t mind and they’re more than happy to try their own. They were loving their crocodiles tonight. Think we might need a bit of practice to master these ones though!!! Have fun x

Get your onesies on

Not sure if this is just a British fashion phenomenon so for those of you reading my blog who don’t have a clue what I’m going on about ‘onesies’ are like all-in-one jump suits that you can sleep in and lounge around in and are the ultimate to ‘ get on ‘ and ‘get in ‘ when the cold weather strikes !!! They come in all sorts of sizes for adults and children and are amazingly snuggly and warm, perfect after a particularly chilly school run, which  brings me round nicely to today. The whole onesie thing was my daughter’s idea actually, deciding on her way home from school that she would just like to get home and get her onesie on and wanted us to join her. We couldn’t resist and what a great ‘slowie’ it turned out to be. Mummy bear in her sheep onesie ( the kids chose it HONEST !), baby bear ( the girly one !) in her rabbit one and baby blue bear in his bear one. Ooo lovely, all snuggled up on Mummy’s bed for an hour of reading stories and chilling out. Not a TV in sight. It only came to an end because I needed to make some dinner but if this hadn’t have been  the case I’m sure we could have squeezed another hour out of it! We were in our favourite zone after all, mummy’s bed zone!!! Our whole life seems to revolve around it, it’s where family meetings take place, where bedtime stories are read and where most of our ‘slow fun’ happens to be honest. I’ll be sad when the day comes to sell it or get rid of it as so much of my children’s childhood will have taken place on it. Anyway I digress, putting our onesies on this afternoon made for a great slow mum experience. Onesies are definitely slow mum approved so if you haven’t got one it’s time to think about getting one and if you have got one, it’s time to get it on!!! My kids love theirs and I’m not ashamed to say I’m rather keen on mine too! I’ve still got it on now! Night night xxxxx


We played ‘elastics’ tonight. Ever heard of it? It was something I spent an obscene amount of time playing in my youth and is perfect for this time of the year as you can play it indoors whilst it’s chilly out. It only occurred to me to play it after my daughter made a super long loom band loop and started stretching it between her feet. My son stepped inside and then ‘wham bam thank you mam’ the idea was upon me. ‘Let’s play elastics’. If you’ve never played it before, the game resembles hopscotch in a way. It is typically played by two or more players. Two people face each other several feet apart, and position a piece of elastic (or a long loom band!!) around their ankles so that it is nice and tight. The third person (the jumper) stands between the two sides of the rope and must accomplish a series of increasingly difficult moves around and over the elastic. Sometimes stepping on the elastic, sometimes under and then over, sometimes jumping into the gaps. It’s v exciting and quite a challenge when the elastic moves higher!!. It’s a corker of a game but it’s only now on doing a little research that I find that it’s not just called elastics, oh no no no no!! This a global phenomenon this one, which of course I had absolutely no idea about when I was at primary school. Turns out ‘elastics’ or Chinese jump rope or Chinese ropes or jumpsies or yoki or gummitwist has been around in playgrounds for years.

Wiki knows how………………………………………


P.S.Mentioned loom bands a little earlier.  Loom bands are an exceptional ‘slowie’. If you’ve not tried them, where have you been????!!)

Build bridges

My daughter had a fabulous go at ‘bridge building’ in our front room this afternoon. I’m not quite convinced that the big brown bear made the best ‘girder’ but he certainly kept her feet off the ground which seemed to be the aim of the day. There was all sorts of experimenting going on and assistance (!!!) from her younger brother. An engineering feat I’d say! I remember doing much the same as a kid with pillows and chairs and then when I was a little older with straws and toothpicks and spaghetti I seem to remember from a secondary science lesson many moons ago. It was a great challenge. I think I might propose a straw one in the not too distant future 🙂

Here’s another blogger I’ve found after my own heart with many other ideas besides……..


Write a letter

In this crazy fast paced world we live in, writing letters hardly features at all anymore. It’s lovely then, to find an opportunity to sit with my little writer every once and a while and write some proper hand written examples. There is something really special about putting letters into the post box and then thinking how the person on the receiving end will feel when they have their letter delivered by the postman. It’s great fun to be part of, being on the sending or receiving end. There are a couple of great letter writing opportunities at this time of the year to be sure, namely the letter to Santa and in a few weeks time all the thank you letters that will follow on . My daughter’s most recent letter was a little hand written note that went into our ‘Operation Christmas child’ shoebox that I blogged about last night. That was a delightful little note and my daughter took great joy in sending it.  There are all sorts of opportunities to get writing from writing to friends, to letters of congratulation, letters saying sorry, letters to family members , letters of complaint or even a letter to the Queen. Writing letters is definitely up there as a great ‘slowie’ and when it practises those ever important reading and writing skills it’s even better still. As that famous CBeebies show likes to put it, ‘get squiggling’ everyone!!!!  x



One packet of balloons = fun

One packet of balloons + disco music = big fun

One packet of balloons + disco music + a sprinkling of friends = extreme fun

What else can one do with balloons? Here’s what my research dug up! I’m loving balloon badminton and I think there might be a spot of balloon printing going on in the morning here. Have fun x