Get naked !

Hope I’m not being inappropriate, but there’s nothing quite like stripping off and running around naked (when you’re a kid !!!) . It’s a ‘slowie’ in its own right and in this heat it’s just perfect!!!! It was absolutely the first thing that my two wanted to do today when they got in from school and who can blame them!! An hour later after drenching each other with buckets of water and the water pistols, they finally came in ! Brilliant! Slow, summer fun at its best, naked as the day they were born !!


Make some mud pies

Well it was more like sand pit pies but same concept really!  My two spent the best part of an hour in pursuit of this goal the other day pouring water into the sand pit and then moulding and crafting their pies in delight. When they finished they then moved on to forming interesting mountains and ravines with the remaining sand and when this was all finished they decorated their newly finished landscape feature with little twigs and flowers. Brilliant. Sand is such a great ‘slowie’ and they get as mucky as anything which they all love!! Happy days  :-))

Ride a local bike trail together

It’s so lovely now they’re older we can finally go for family bike rides together.  My son is still on his balance bike but come this Summer hopefully we will be ‘stabiliser free’ and ready to roll. I’m so looking forward to it. A bike ride is such an adventure and such a classic slowie! Out in the great outdoors, fresh air, free to talk, free to roam and most importantly free from the trappings of TV. With this in mind, I’ve started researching and putting together lists of local bike routes and cor did I come up with  a smasher at the weekend. I went on the Forestry Commission website and was directed to our closest site at Thetford forest. What a cracking day out , a sculpture trail, lots of slides and play areas but the best by far was the ‘Superworm trail’ that we cycled together. Inspired by the Julia Donaldson book it was journey of discovery and fun with ‘wormy’ challenges en route !!Great stuff. Who knows where our cycles will take us next !!

Roll tyres

Is this dangerous ? I hope not !!! We got a job lot from our local garage to grow plants out of but they spend most of their time being rolled around and jumped in and out of at the allotment. Rolling is a particular favourite and actually quite difficult!! I remember going to a South African friend’s party when tyre rolling was the game of the day. Must be a staple at their kids’ parties. Needless to say the kids were in heaven. Unusual ‘slow’ simple fun !! ( (As long as you’ve got a tyre or two on hand, more difficult if not !!!!)

Handstands and cartwheels

Handstands and cartwheels were the ‘slow’ order of the day here today. All my daughter’s idea might I add, but boy do they need a bit of practice !!! Luckily ‘slow mum’ was on hand to hold ankles and attempt to cartwheel and model alongside !!! It’s been a good 30 years since my cartwheeling prime but what absolute wondrous fun to be turning upside down and giggling away with my little one all afternoon. Slow magic, real joy. I wonder what I’ll be up to tomorrow !!!

Look up!

We’re always looking forwards or looking down but rarely up it has come to my notice and we really should!!! There’s so much to see when you look to the sky. Grab a blanket and lie on your back for a while and you’ll soon see what I’m talking about. The trails from planes, funky clouds, birds in formation. It’s wonderful to behold and a great ‘slowmo’ to enjoy ‘en famille’. You should also try looking up as you walk through woods and trees. The patchwork of greens and leaves above our heads is just stunning. Not to be missed SMs and SDs!!

Sit round a fire

A much better watch than TV! It’s just wonderful to gather round a fire or chimnea as a family and look deep into the flames and talk a while or just sit together for a while !! In truth we were smoked out for the majority of the time but for those special moments when the logs were burning and the chat was flowing it felt really special.  Next time I think we need to have the marshmallows at the ready though just to make the moment extra special !!