Phone a friend

I always used to spend my evenings ‘yabbing away’ to my friends on the phone but now there’s the internet and computer programs and iPads , kids seem to spend more and more time in the heads down position rather than actively communicating with others. A good old fashioned phone call is what you need!!! Phone a friend or a family member, you won’t be disappointed. Kids need to master the art of conversation and a chat on the phone is a great way to practice and it’s a great slowie too! This evening we put in a deliberate call to a friend to practise chin wagging ‘land line stylee’ and it was wonderful . How sweet to hear one side of a little 6 year old conversation. Lots of chatting and oodles of giggling. It’s good to talk!!!!


Arrange some flowers

SD (slow daddy) was home late again from work this evening when he promised he’d get back a little earlier, hence the flowers !!! They were very nice though and my daughter had just enough time before bedtime to do a little flower arranging with me and it was very enjoyable indeed. Three sets of carnations, all in different shades of pink!! My daughter loved separating them and snapping off the lower greenery and placing them in the vase.  A particularly girlie ‘slowie’ I’m sure you’ll agree !! LOVELY !