Hold a fashion show

Tunes on, outfits at the ready, this is a fab ‘slowie’ especially on a rainy day ! Create your runway (our lounge into the conservatory !!) and away you go. If you’re feeling particularly adventureous, you could even design a T-shirt to showcase at the big event. Fabric pens work a treat, just grab a plain white T- shirt and off you go !!! Then all you need is a camera and it’s curtains up, 3-2-1 and STRIKE THAT POSE !!!!!!!


Make a memory game

When the sky clouds over, this is a wonderful indoor ‘slowie’ to have up your sleeve AND this one improves your children’s memory and their drawing and writing skills. Result ! All you need is several of pieces of card cut into equal squares, pens and pencils and some scissors. The children then choose a topic be it nature, family, friends, animals, places etc and draw their memory cards accordingly. As long as there’s two of everything, the game will begin to take shape . Let them make as many cards as they desire, get them to play them face down and then let them loose on finding the matching pairs.. Wonderful slow fun by your child’s fair hand! Enjoy x


We were in ‘old faithful’ again this evening, our king size that has seen a lot of ‘slow’ action over the past 9  ‘months of blog’! It’s seen many a ‘slow mo’ , games of hide and seek, pillow mountaineering, torch games, reading marathons, but this evening all my daughter wanted to do was have a snuggle in it! Bless her and even though I had a thousand and one things to do before dinner guests arrived at 8, I thought ‘well why not’ and snuggled on in. I’m so glad I did!!!! My slippery rabbits ask for snuggles less and less these days so you have to enjoy the moment and snuggling is such a lovely slow way to reconnect with your little ones. Make time for one if you can!!!! Xxxx

Domino rally

It doesn’t get much ‘slower’ than this little gem and you know what they say, ‘the old ones are the best’ !!! We stumbled across it this afternoon when visiting a National Trust property in Bury St Edmunds. The volunteers had set out various old fashioned games for the children to play like draughts, dominoes, shove halfpenny, a doll’s house, table skittles, snap etc and after playing dominoes with my son for a little while, I decided to show him how fun it is to line up the dominoes and then knock them down. He was hooked, he spent ages trying to balance and line up the little rectangle shapes. I thought he might explode when it came round to the knocking down bit. He was so excited!  Watch out Guiness book of world records is all I can say !!! Night x

Blanket riding

What it says on the tin really and a fab slowie to boot ! It works best on smooth flooring like your laminate or hard wood but ok on tiles too, just be careful  not to bang their ‘bonce’ on anything too hard though !! Instructions are, get your child to sit in the middle of a blanket, get them to hold on to the edge and then pull them around the room til  they’re giddy !! Health and safety eat your heart out!!!!! Enjoy !

Get your onesies on

Not sure if this is just a British fashion phenomenon so for those of you reading my blog who don’t have a clue what I’m going on about ‘onesies’ are like all-in-one jump suits that you can sleep in and lounge around in and are the ultimate to ‘ get on ‘ and ‘get in ‘ when the cold weather strikes !!! They come in all sorts of sizes for adults and children and are amazingly snuggly and warm, perfect after a particularly chilly school run, which  brings me round nicely to today. The whole onesie thing was my daughter’s idea actually, deciding on her way home from school that she would just like to get home and get her onesie on and wanted us to join her. We couldn’t resist and what a great ‘slowie’ it turned out to be. Mummy bear in her sheep onesie ( the kids chose it HONEST !), baby bear ( the girly one !) in her rabbit one and baby blue bear in his bear one. Ooo lovely, all snuggled up on Mummy’s bed for an hour of reading stories and chilling out. Not a TV in sight. It only came to an end because I needed to make some dinner but if this hadn’t have been  the case I’m sure we could have squeezed another hour out of it! We were in our favourite zone after all, mummy’s bed zone!!! Our whole life seems to revolve around it, it’s where family meetings take place, where bedtime stories are read and where most of our ‘slow fun’ happens to be honest. I’ll be sad when the day comes to sell it or get rid of it as so much of my children’s childhood will have taken place on it. Anyway I digress, putting our onesies on this afternoon made for a great slow mum experience. Onesies are definitely slow mum approved so if you haven’t got one it’s time to think about getting one and if you have got one, it’s time to get it on!!! My kids love theirs and I’m not ashamed to say I’m rather keen on mine too! I’ve still got it on now! Night night xxxxx

Target practice

I set my two up with a bit of target practice today when they needed something to focus on and it went down a treat. What  a great indoor ‘slowie’ on a cold day it has to be said ! One target, several soft balls and then various angles, heights and distances to practise from  . I used one of our flexi tubs as the target but anything would do , the washing basket, a pan, bucket. The kids loved the challenge of it and celebrated a goal by taking a step further back or to the side. A ‘slow mo’ turned into a ‘happy half hour’. Happy days !