Cast some spells

All you need to do is ‘swish and flick’ I’ve been told by my 6 year old !!!!!!!! Grab yourself a wand, a stick or a straw and away you go!!! My two are crazy about casting spells mainly since their recent introduction to that most famous of boy wizards Harry Potter. My son actually¬†thinks he is him and of course my little girl loves to pretend she’s Hermione !!!! The power of those books is ¬†just incredible. I’m loving rediscovering them all over again !! And remember SMs and SDs ‘It’s ‘wingardium leviOsa’ not ‘ wingardium leviosAR’!!!!!!”


Make a pop up cafe !!!

My two are obsessed by the idea of a ‘pop up cafe’. Just the idea of a cafe’ poppiing up’ is hilarious in their mind’s eye and now there’s a huge banner advertising one at one of our favourite haunts, this has majorly fuelled their imaginations . So today without prompting, my two had a go at setting up one of their own. An hour later, the signs were up, all my best tablecloths (arghhhhhh!!!!!) were spread out across the landing and I was ushered up to the shiniest, newest pop up cafe in South Cambs! Tea, ice cream and gherkins were on the menu ( interesting !!!). What fun, both of them in aprons, completely in character, playing together beautifully. Living the dream !!!! Much prefer this to the bickering !! Happy half term everyone ! X