Easter egg hunting

It’s all about the hunt in this house and why shouldn’t it be !!!! Easter Day and a packet of little plastic eggs I bought from the pound shop must have been hidden around our garden at least a dozen times this morning ! My two seemed to forget there were chocolates inside, they just wanted to have the eggs hidden again and again and again !!!! Where would slow daddy hide them next. He had them in trees, birdfeeders and even put some in my hoodie at one point ( what is he like) !!! The ‘hotter’ and ‘colder’ game came into play quite a bit ( another great slowie ) and the fun rolled on. Easter bonnets and a bike ride to boot. It’s official, Easter’s ‘egg-stremely’ good for all things ‘slow’!


Paper case flower craft

Another day and another sweet craft to add to the slow mum collection. I’d actually made these up for a Church group several years ago and had completely forgotten that I had all the templates at the back of the cupboard. It’s lovely and so very simple.  Basically you cut a flower shape out of coloured paper and then select a pretty paper case that you would usually use for baking and stick this into the centre of the flower. It makes a wonderful 3D flower which the kids can then add a stem and leaves to and various ‘beasties’ if they so desire. All you need are some baking cases, coloured card or paper, scissors and some glue and off you go. Alas I haven’t taken a picture of our efforts today but will endeavour to add one tomorrow to show you exactly what we’ve been up to. It’s perfect as a Spring or Easter craft so keep it up your sleeve if you ever need xxxx Have fun x Picture now attached xxxx

Make the most of what the weather throws at you

No entertainment required here today, it was snowing ! Faces at the window, boots readied at the door. The  excitement was just too much for my 3-year old who was jumping up and down and screaming about the little flakes swirling around outside the conservatory window. Made me realise that we must make the most of all weathers thrown at us. They need to be experienced not viewed from the comfort of our armchairs! So in true British fashion we wrapped up warm and headed out in it. How fun and if you’re ever looking for a slow mummy trick in the snow there’s always the good old ‘ snow angel’ but my absolute favourite and ‘slow mo’ of all time is getting the kids to stick our their tongues and catch a few watery flakes on their tongues. Wonderful x

Plant some bulbs

This is a fab ‘slowie’ at this time of the year. We love daffs but you could try tulips, crocuses, snowdrops or something more fancy like fritillary or alliums if you’re up for it. Whatever you do though get the kids involved. I think we must have planted several hundred daffs at our allotment this afternoon and the kids LOVED it ! Daddy dug holes whilst the kids raced back and forward from the wheelbarrow with handfuls of bulbs ready to plant. They were so excited bless them and spent over an hour, planting out and stamping down their little spots. I think they enjoyed the stamping bit the best. Slow family fun. Cant wait now to see our allotment in the Spring ! It’ll be quite a patch !

Make some New Year resolutions

Not just for adults. Oh no no no no! We spent a lovely ‘slow mo’ this afternoon thinking about our family resolutions for 2015. There was much amusement at thought of ‘eating more chocolate’ and ‘making more cake’ but when push came to shove, we all opted for quite useful resolutions  ( apart from my dear husband of course !!!!!! ) My daughter’s, to ‘brush her teeth morning and night’, my son’s,  ‘to stay in bed til the sun comes out ( on his GRO clock – something he hardly ever does so that’s going to be a challenge!), mine to make packed lunches for daddy from now on ( mainly to save us money as it seems he’s taken out shares at M&S in the last 6 months!!!) and daddy’s resolution (how cheeky), ‘to eat the sandwiches that mummy prepares for him!!!!!’ Honestly who am I working with here, I tell you !!! Was a fun ‘slow mo’ though I’ve got to admit . Have a think on yours !!!! Happy New Year everyone. Love from SMIC x

Get wrapping!

So they’ve saved their pennies, been out shopping, bought a special present, decorated the wrapping paper and written the label. Now’s the time to let them wrap. Don’t let your inner control freak take over, oh no no no, let them do it, let them do it all!! Give them everything they need, scissors, ribbon, pens, sticky labels and let them go for it! Who cares if it’s it’s all loose and coming away at the corners, the kids will have done it themselves and that deserve lots of credit.  Christmas should be about giving and receiving so give the kids every opportunity to have a go at the ‘giving bit’ this Christmas. Wrapping sure is character building !! You should see my husband’s attempts!!!

Hand deliver the Christmas cards

This ‘slowie’ is a great one for this time of the year and combines several of my slow mum ‘faves’ –  writing letters and cards (https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/write-a-letter/) going round the block (https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/round-the-block/) and getting out for a scoot (https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/theres-a-scoot-route-for-every-occasion/). As the title of the last blog implies, there’s a scoot route for every occasion and on this occasion it was for the very important job of distributing Christmas cards and my two certainly took it very seriously today!!!! What an important job to be doing with ‘slow daddy’, delivering our family’s cards and what’s more the kids were allowed to post the cards through the letter boxes themselves. EXCITING OR WHAT !!!!! (please note there are no big dogs round here but you might want to write that into your risk assessment if you decide to do similar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It’s quite funny really because it’s just something that we hardly do any more – hand deliver a letter. In this day and age we sort of take it for granted that letters come through the door and we simply pay to have them delivered.  Hand delivering is a bit like going back to basics and my two loved it. A purposeful task, fresh air a plenty and an opportunity for the little ones to practise their handwriting once more. PERFECT! I just hope they all got to the right houses!!!!