Hit some balls

This is slow daddy’s kind of slow, heading to the driving range to hit some golf balls. But now it seems the kids are in on it too, disappearing with daddy for hours at a time to hit 25, 50, sometimes even 100 balls in one go. I’m impressed! It takes concentration and skill to hit golf balls and when you’re only 4 and 6 this is quite some feat. Think I might have some mini Tigers on my hands!! Watch this space !!!


Golf ball art

Another day, another great craft idea that I’ve got to admit comes from a fellow blogger (http://frame.bloglovin.com/?post=4360227195&group=0&frame_type=p&context=&context_ids=&blog=3879483&frame=1&click=0&user=0) . Its called Golf Ball Painting and I’ve decided that I’m going to let slow daddy take the lead on this one seeing as he’s the golf nut in the family. It looks and sounds amazing. You need a disposable roasting pan, some A4 paper, a muffin tin, different coloured paints, some golf balls, a bucket of water and some cloths or old rags for washing the balls afterwards. The instructions for slow daddies are as follows, squeeze a few dollops of paint into each muffin cup and top each one with a golf ball, put a sheet of paper in the bottom of the roasting pan and put the balls on top! Then, let your child tilt the pan from side to side and back and forth to create colourful paint tracks all over the paper. It makes quite a piece of art work I’m assured!  One for the weekend hey SD or are you going to be precious about your golf balls?!!


Slow daddy again. (Men’s brains really do work very differently to women’s!!! ) This time a hurdles challenge cobbled together with a couple of cones and garden canes. Genius SD. The kids devoured it ! Leaping and trotting around the course like little ponies !! Love bank holidays !!! Love SD !!!!

Draw on the back guessing game

This was all slow daddy’s doing and a game I would never have thought of. It all came about because we had a very early riser in with us this morning and to keep her quiet and relatively still, SD started playing a game of drawing shapes on her back and getting her to guess what they were. Anything from shapes, to numbers, cars to princesses !! How ingenious ! It would  make quite a good party game actually. Well done SD, you’ve bagged yourself another great ‘ ”slowie’!!!!!!!!

Play the whispering game

Slow daddy came up with this one this evening. I was most impressed!! He had the kids eating out of  the palm of his hand, communicating only by whisper and with the biggest grins I’ve ever seen. At one point he even had them lying completely still in the dark, listening out for the next exciting house sound (????!!!!!) which they had to describe (you guessed it!) with a whisper!!! What is he like!!!!! I only wish he’d make it home more often when he’s got little gems like this up his sleeve!!!

Take them for a bag of chips

After a busy day, it was slow mummy’s idea to send slow daddy and the kids to the fish and chip shop to experience ‘all things takeaway’. Their first time in fact although not slow daddy’s! And how they loved their little trip !! The sights, sounds and of course smells of the fish and chip shop being more than enough to blow their little minds. Needless to say on their return I had a blow by blow account of their great experience! My eldest got to ask for the chips whilst my youngest had a go with the salt and vinegar shakers. Woah – major excitement !!! The bests bits seemingly carrying the warm parcel home and of course getting to eat them with those funny little chip forks. Happy days although when a large portion of chips became £2, I do not know !!! Time marches on, as do chip prices it seems  !!!!

Play limbo

Caught slow daddy setting this one up in the garden this afternoon for our ‘littlies’ to enjoy. He was very ingenious and used two outdoor chairs and a broom to create the limbo frame, changing the limbo height by positioning the broom firstly across the top of the chairs, then at arm rest height and then at seat height. It was perfect for our little ‘limbo-ers’ to have a go at and whilst I was busy emptying the washing, slow daddy was busying teaching the kids the backward lean and the frog like legs. It was a sight to behold and a ‘slow mo’ to be proud of !!! Thanks SD !! We shall be ‘limboing’ again !!!!