3- legged racing

This tickled my daughter and her best friend today. Their first go at a three-legged race. Tied together with an old jumper, the two of them tripped and giggled their way round the park as they got used to the feeling of being joined at the hip !!!! (well the ankle!!!) After a lot of ‘side’, ‘together’, ‘side’, ‘together’, trips, falls and much laughter, they finally got the hang of it! LOOK LOOK LOOK MUMMY !!!!!! Brilliant slow fun! Try it ! Might see if slow daddy wants a go !!!!


Hatch a secret plan

We’ve already wrapped and stashed daddy’s birthday presents to surprise him with on Saturday morning and today saw the next stage in top secret birthday preparations. We made his cake!!! And it turns out top secret cake baking is very exciting. We were all listening for the door as we mixed and licked our way through chocolate cake construction tonight. The excitement and danger element was wonderful. We so didn’t want daddy to catch us in the act!!! We whispered and planned and conspired. Hatching secret plans is so much fun to do with the little ones. You can also talk about good secrets and bad secrets. My two are having a whale of a time and have become so involved in it all. They’ve worked out exactly when daddy is going to get his presents, how we’re going to do his birthday tea (balloons a plenty ) and what we’re going to eat. I love it, especially when they get so wrapped up in the fun of it all and the added secrecy element gets their adrenaline racing.  We hope daddy likes his surprises. He’s 21 again!!!!!

Slow birthdays

Who needs a village hall, an entertainer and shop bought cakes ? Not me (any more !!!). I used to buy into all that, even as recently as this time last year, but since ‘going slow’ , I’ve come to realise that parties don’t have to be fast tracked and ultra packed. Kids love the simpler things in life like some classic party games and some good old fashioned craft. That’s how we did it this year and it was “the best yet” (my daughter’s words not mine). Eating, singing, painting, sticking and laughing with a disco in the lounge to finish. Brilliant. Happy ‘slow’ birthday darling. Here’s to many more to come xxxx

Let them make their own birthday invitations

I can’t believe my little girl is going to be 6 next week. She’s turning into a proper little grown up these days but it’s not all bad !!!! The older she gets the more able she is to get involved in making her own decisions and organising her self a little bit more. And with this comes ‘slow’ opportunities a plenty. Take her party for example, my daughter is very keen to help organise her birthday party this year, so I set her the task of composing and designing her birthday invitations and she loved it. She sat at her daddy’s desk for ages, beautifully composing and writing and decorating her invites. Bless her.  She’s moving onto her party bags next. Although I do draw the line at her making her own birthday cake, (that is definitely slow mum territory that one) although come to think of it, baking IS a great slowie……….!!!!!!!

Have a go at hair braiding

I don’t know who had more fun, the ‘hair braider’ or the ‘hair braidee’ !!!!!!!! What I can say though is that this is a great slowie for all those girlie girls out there. My daughter’s been obsessed about these since having one done at Center Parcs last Summer and with the promise of doing some for her little friends at her birthday party, mummy’s feeling the pressure to get some practice in and to get them right. So armed with some braiding cord, a handful of beads and a mirror for my daughter to inspect with, we spent a special ‘slow mo’ together, plaiting and twisting and getting it right. Hair styling is a great fun to do together and a wonderful bonding experience too. Have fun ! X


One packet of balloons = fun

One packet of balloons + disco music = big fun

One packet of balloons + disco music + a sprinkling of friends = extreme fun

What else can one do with balloons? Here’s what my research dug up! I’m loving balloon badminton and I think there might be a spot of balloon printing going on in the morning here. Have fun x


Bug hunt

‘Slow dad’ who is now masquerading on ‘slow mum’ pages has told me all about a wonderful bug hunt party he went on with his son this morning. He and my son enjoyed it so much they wanted a mention on the blog tonight. So here goes…. Take several excitable children, give them a bug hunting kit – net, pot, tweezers and a magnifying glass and let them loose in the garden. What do you get? Slow parenting heaven and completely engrossed children!! The kids at the party loved it, finding the bugs and then bringing them back to base where the bugs were all collected and placed in the middle of the garden table for closer inspection. The children then watched and cheered as the mini beasts raced to the sides of the table. The spiders won, followed closely by the centipedes, then the woodlice, worms, slugs and finally the snails. The ‘slowies’, the snails providing excellent magnifying glass viewing with their antennae aloft. Seriously good fun when you’re 3 and 4 and when you’re 37 it seems too!! Thanks for inviting us x