Give them a measuring tape

I was out in the shops this afternoon anxiously trying to choose a new tap whilst Mr Whirlwind was racing round and round and out of sight. I was desperate to have a look and a good measure but wasn’t getting even the smallest chance when suddenly it dawned on me!!!  I realised exactly what I had to do to keep my boy busy. I grabbed my measuring tape, thrust it in my son’s hand and asked him to measure the taps for me. He jumped at the chance and was soon measuring taps, towel rails, sinks, baths the lot !!!  He was ever so busy and most importantly he wasn’t bothering me, I could have a look around. Hurrah !!! Mummy heaven. Think that measuring tape might become a bit of a handbag essential for me from now on. Get one in there !!


Bows and arrows

Simple and addictive. I picked up a little plastic set for 99p and it’s been such a winner. I also got the kids to draw a little target on a piece of paper and stick it up. Brilliant. Robin Hood eat your heart out!! I’d love to make a real set from scratch one day, that would truly be a ‘slow’ challenge, perhaps a summer holiday challenge. In the mean time we’ll stick with these plastic ones. I’d definitely recommend them for your ‘slow toy’ department 🙂