Make a fruit salad or better still a fruit face

If you want to guarantee some fruit going down their necks these two are definite winners in the slow snack department. My two never say no to a bit of fruit salad action ‘DIY style’ but making a fruit face is always their favourite. Blackberry eyes, strawberry mouths, banana ears and apples noses – it’s theirs for the making! Awesome slow fun and it’s also great to see the whole lot gone !!! Have fun!


Biscuit decorating

TOP SLOW MUM TIP -always have a packet of digestive biscuits in the cupboard and a few decorating pens. Biscuit decorating is always a winner and the best bit of all is that the kids can eat them for their snack after. Everyone loves a digestive, which reminds me, have you read this????????

Snacking on jam sandwiches the ‘slow fashioned’ way

Snacking is constant in our household. Another area of parenting I wish to amend. Fast paced parenting seems to go hand in hand with constant nibbling and more to the point constant ‘treats’. Surely a treat should be just that , not something administered morning, noon and night!!!! So in an attempt to slow my parenting down  I am going to slow down the snacks too. Less of the manufactured/ processed type and more of the simpler, cheaper and traditional style of snack given out less often and to be enjoyed and savoured!! From now on,  one snack, mid morning, one snack mid afternoon. And today’s snack was the delightful snack of jam on bread. The timeless’ jam sandwich’ that seems to have fallen off my radar and which, you know what, the kids loved!!! There’s nothing more simple and more enjoyable than a jam sandwich and better still we had even made the jam. We’d had a whole ‘slow’ afternoon of making it. The slow parenting brigade would be proud, we made the activity of strawberry picking last all afternoon!! We picked the fruit at a local fruit farm then returned home to wash the strawberries, mash them, dissolve the sugar, squeeze the lemons, wash the jam jars, design the jam labels. Plenty to do for all ages and the finishing result the most delicious jam you could possibly wish for. Jam sandwiches  – a ‘must have’ for my new slow parenting regime!!!!