Try some action rhymes

My son picked out a super book of action rhymes for us all to enjoy this evening and enjoy them we sure did! Mother Goose would have been proud. We did Pat-a-cake, Pease Porridge, This Little Pig, Rub-a-dub-dub and Two little dicky birds to name but a few. It was a revelation to the children. They sat and listened and then had a go at joining in themselves. More than anything I think they liked reading out loud and the rhyming patterns in the verses too. Fun for all. Another great ‘slowie’ ! Xxx


Make pancakes

Pizza pancakes, banoffee pancakes, lemon and blueberry, cheese and bacon, cheese and onion, cheesy beans. Savoury or sweet, it doesn’t have to be Shrove Tuesday to partake in one. My two love a Nutella pancake or a cheese and ham one as a snack or as a main. All you need for the basic recipe is……..
100g plain flour, sifted
A pinch of salt
2 eggs
200ml milk mixed with 75ml water
50g butter

….and then away you go with the topping !! The children can be as inventive as they like ! Ps Don’t forget to toss them! Fun, fun, fun !!!

Parties in the park rock !!

Slow parties are the way forward. This time last year we spent over £150 on a stage-managed, ‘all-singing’, ‘all-dancing’ affair which was great don’t get me wrong but over the top in a way. This year, after a year’s worth of blogging and slower parenting we decided upon a much more simple approach for our wee one’s birthday celebrations,  a ‘party in the park’ and it was awesome. Just as much fun if not more. We are very spoiled for parks in the Cambridge area, the park we plumped for in the end having  a lido and some pretty impressive play equipment. This paired with a lovely spread and some old fashioned games made for a perfect party. Slow party perfection ! The ‘park’ way !!!! Hooray :-))

Get the kids to read things for you

Don’t just get them to do your writing, get them to do your reading too!!!! This dawned on me today as I was organising myself to read out the bingo clues for the umpteenth time. I suddenly thought ‘Why am I doing this?’, when my girl is perfectly capable of reading out the cards herself. She loved it, loved the role reversal, loved running the game and really loved calling out all the complicated bug names as her brother and I matched up the cards. (We were playing Bug bingo, you should try it! ) Now things have clicked into place with her reading and writing there are so many ways my daughter can take part. From reading out game rules to reading ingredients, recipes, texts, signs, leaflets, letters. The world is her oyster offering so much to read!!!

Mini beasts challenge

Inspired by a school trip this idea would be easy to do in your back garden or beyond. Basically the children are given a yoghurt pot and a spoon and are sent off to scrape around under logs, roots and in leaf litter to find as many mini beasts as they can. They then bring their beasts back to a central place and sort them onto trays as to whether they have 8 legs, 6 legs, multiple legs or no legs. What fun as the fast little wigglers made a dash for it !!!We found spiders, beetles, millipedes and snails to name but a few and because there were several children taking part, everybody could admire what each other had found. Brilliant and so simple !

Have a pillow fight

Not wishing to condone fighting in any shape or form, shall we call this ‘pillow tickling’ or ‘pillow tumble’ instead !!!!! Seriously though this is great fun and as long as it doesn’t get out of hand is a wonderful ‘slowie’ to hit them with ( pardon the pun !!) on a Sunday morning. Giggles and laughter all the way  . If only they made feather cushions like they used to though. Now that would be good !!!! Having the sort of pillow fights you see in the movies would really entertain them. Fun the old-fashioned way is definitely here to stay, don’t you think ?!!!

Take showers instead of baths

What could be more enjoyable and ‘slow’ than a nice, hot shower! For so long we have defaulted to the bath setting but in fact the shower is a wonderful alternative and makes a great ‘slowie’. My two love standing under the jets of water or sitting cross- legged in the base of the shower with the spray pummelling their backs. They love doodling away on the steamy doors too and will quite happily sit drawing an amazing watery masterpiece!!!! It’s lovely to see them in there and wow, how grown up they seem. It’s a bit like a rite of passage in a way, no longer a baby and now a fully fledged showering adult. How did that happen? “Haven’t they grown and how time’s flown !” Pop them in :-))