Stop and stare a while !

We stopped for another ‘LHL’ today, ( a ‘long hard look’ – slow mummy jargon !) and this time it was a corker! This time we stopped for a good old nosey at the postman and to watch him empty the post box. It was fascinating! We couldn’t have been more than 10 metres away and had a great view from where we were standing. We saw a chunky old fashioned key go in, the heavy door clunk open, a shoot drop down and then watched as lots of jumbled up brown and white envelopes and parcels fell into the big post office sack being held underneath. The children were mesmerised. Completely and utterly and well, you can imagine the questions, boy the questions! They just kept coming and coming right up until bed time. Brilliant, if we hadn’t stopped a while it would have passed us by.  Slowing down and having a good old nosey works for me !!!


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